Making My Daily Word Count

Lots of people at work are obsessed with reaching their daily step count, and it’s been this way for a few years now. With technology like FitBit, and S Health it’s getting harder and harder to lie about the number of miles I walk compared to the number of chai lattes I drink.

My goal over these past two years hasn’t changed. I wanted to finish my novel, so that meant writing about a thousand words a day. Many days (weeks) I failed miserably, and with nobody to call me on this it became a pattern. When I hadn’t written a word in Myths, Monsters, and Mary in a month I knew I had to make a choice. Did I want to put it on the probable never-to-be-touched-again pile, or did I want to get serious about a project that I was deeply passionate about?

So, I set a deadline, found peers to help cheer me on, and my novel got done. The forward momentum, and daily writing has helped me to stay energized. My next novel is prepped, and ready for NanoWriMo, and I am more motivated than ever.

I found a link this week to a word count tracker, and I think it will help other writers like me that like to hold themselves accountable for their daily word counts. Let me know if it does.
It’s from

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