Roughing It in a Tiny House

Roughing It is such a broad statement, because I’m excited that we recently got power, but carrying water in and pumping the septic out is pretty annoying. Everyday we haul at least 2 gallons of water to the house for cleaning, and another gallon for COFFEE and other drinks, but seriously we all know it’s totally for coffee.

Other ways that we rough it include not having internet, and very low phone signal. You’d think a camper would act as a huge antennae, but instead it acts as a signal blocker. It has made it hard to stay connected, but WIFI will be installed on Monday- thank Zod! It has been hard to write without my computer, and the ability to waste time on the Internet and Facebook.

My main complaint about roughing it is that I do not have enough room for all my makeup-yet. Not to brag, (which implies I’m going to brag) but I have quite a large collection of designer makeup and brushes. They are the only expensive thing I own – other than this ring on my finger. As of now there is no place for more than a handful of items, and that makes it hard to look like a human in the morning. So I guess in this instance it’s roughing it for Ken more than me.

With all the ways we are having to sacrifice to be together – there is still no place that I would rather be than in my tiny home with the love of my life. This journey gets better every single day, and I am so glad to be on it with him.


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