Snow falls on Stonehenge

Enjoying the Winter in our cozy home, and yes it’s as great as it looks. Sally, our puppy, does not think the sudden weather change is as lovely as we do. She would prefer to stay snuggled under the blankets, and write this day off. It’s nearly noon, and we haven’t even ventured forth into the world yet. It’s bliss!

The new Star Wars movie is calling us to head into town though, so I guess we’re going to be leaving our little love nest soon. If I didn’t want to see this movie then I would protest more. Well, I wish you a galactically wonderful day from Stonehenge, located in the center of the planet Hoth.


First snowfall in Stonehenge.
Breakfast in bed on a cold Winter’s day; Juevos Rancheros.
We relaxed by the “fire” when it was too cold to go outside.
Days like this make this sign my friend created useful.

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