Black Friday

The complete Myths, Monsters, and Mary collection is available for a limited time. Mary the Queen, Turn the Paige, and Noah’s Arcana are finally here.

The books are available on until Black Friday. They won’t be available online again ​in 2018. These books make great gifts for any book lover.

Mary the Queen

Paige Harper is barely scraping by in the tiny salon her mother left her. At 22, her lonely world gets turned upside down when a vampire comes into her shop. Mary offers her a job, but taking it will mean Paige must leave her home and life behind. A regrettable lack of musical knowledge on the part of Noah, Mary’s driver, is offset by his charm and wit. Unfortunately, Mary has strict rules against coworkers dating. As they travel around the world, Paige begins to question Mary’s motives in hiring her, but when there is an attempt on Paige’s life, she has to decide who she can trust. Will she be able to find out who her enemies are — and who she herself is — before it’s too late?

Turn the Paige

Paige Harper has traveled the world as the personal assistant to vampire Mary Stuart. Now, with a new baby and the knowledge that she carries vampire DNA, Paige and her partner, Noah, must return to America and try to bring their mortal and vampire worlds together. But the disappearance of Paige’s close friend leads her on a hunt that pits her against a powerful enemy and her own mortality.

Noah’s Arcana

Paige Sansom is trying to have it all, but it’s hard to be the perfect wife, mother, and vampire when her husband, Noah, gets a terrible diagnosis. Now, she straddles two worlds, mortal and immortal, as she fights for every second she can get with Noah and her daughter, Layla. Will she be able to find a cure before time runs out?

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