Top 10 wedding questions I receive…

With only 40 days until we say ‘I do’ I wanted to share some of the questions I receive the most… Well, the appropriate questions anyway.

  1. Q: I was invited to the wedding. Can I bring my kids?                                                      A: Yes, you can bring your children. I just need to know how many people are coming, so I can budget appropriately.
  2. Q: Where are you registered?                                                                                               A: Ken and I are registered at Honeyfund, Amazon, and Walmart . We live in a tiny home, and didn’t register for many large items.
  3. Q: Will there be an open bar.                                                                                               A: There will be various beverages available, including champagne punch, but space and finances didn’t allow for an open bar.
  4. Q: Where are you going for your honeymoon?                                                                  A: We are going hot air ballooning in Taos, New Mexico. We will also be touring the many art galleries, the Pueblo dwellings, and generally enjoy 4 days of alone time. Our honeymoon is registered at
  5. Q: Who is in your wedding party?                                                                                    A: My maid-of-honor is my best friend Tiger Jackson, and my bridesmaids are my daughters, Amanda and Jessica Rogers. Ken’s best man is his friend and coworker, Fines Massey. His groomsmen are his brother-in-law, Chris Dashley, and my son, WIlliam Jones. Our flower girl and ring bearer are the adorable Jude and Zander Dashley.
  6.  Q: Why are you getting married at a library.                                                                     A: There are many reasons that the we are getting married at the Lebanon-Laclede County Library that include the fact that we are having a literary themed wedding, we are both writers, we are both prolific readers, and it will just be a cool location.
  7.  Q: Are you having a band or a DJ?                                                                                      A: We are having both. The Ozark Winds will be playing at our ceremony, and JD the DJ will be spinning tracks at our reception.
  8. Q: Is there anything I can do to help?                                                                              A: We have everything taken care of, but if you want to help with set-up or break down of the ceremony or reception I wouldn’t say no…
  9. Q: Who are your wedding vendors?                                                                                   A: My caterers are Bethaney and Sherri Jackson. My wedding cake is being made by Alana at Heaven Scent Bakery. Wedding and reception decor are being rented from Whimsy. Miscellaneous accessories are from Etc Bridal Inc.
  10. Q: What is your story?                                                                                                      A: Ken and I became Facebook friends after a particularly brutal political flame war. I sent him a friend request, and he impressed me with his obscure Netflix recommendations. After a long time, and many terrible events in both of our lives a funny message let me know that he liked me too.

After our first date at Bennett Spring we were nearly inseparable. Three weeks and over 7,000 text messages later we were engaged. He came to Ozark Visions to talk to me while I was working. We were jokingly talking about our future, and when we would eventually be husband and wife. He said, “so does that mean you would consider being my wife.”

I laughed, and agreed wholeheartedly. He dropped down on one knee, and said, “I’m serious. This is a real proposal. Will you be my wife?” I squealed, cried, and basically lost it for a few minutes before showing off my ring and excitement to everyone I worked with. Since then we have moved into a tiny home, and have been happier than I thought was possible.

If you have any other questions for us ask them in the comments.



Snow falls on Stonehenge

Enjoying the Winter in our cozy home, and yes it’s as great as it looks. Sally, our puppy, does not think the sudden weather change is as lovely as we do. She would prefer to stay snuggled under the blankets, and write this day off. It’s nearly noon, and we haven’t even ventured forth into the world yet. It’s bliss!

The new Star Wars movie is calling us to head into town though, so I guess we’re going to be leaving our little love nest soon. If I didn’t want to see this movie then I would protest more. Well, I wish you a galactically wonderful day from Stonehenge, located in the center of the planet Hoth.


First snowfall in Stonehenge.
Breakfast in bed on a cold Winter’s day; Juevos Rancheros.
We relaxed by the “fire” when it was too cold to go outside.
Days like this make this sign my friend created useful.

Our Tiny Kitchen


Most every morning I make breakfast for Ken and I on this Nostalgia Electrics 3-in-1 Breakfast Station that I got from Amazon, and until we get a new stove in the camper that’s how it’s going to be. This micro appliance gets the job done but it takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r (!!!!).
Everything takes 5 times as long in it, and right now that’s all right, because each minute that I invest cooking for Ken is an investment in a future that I am so excited to be a part of.
So I give the appliance a C, because the grill is pretty crappy, and the stove takes so long to heat up. I would buy it again, because it’s been a life saver. It makes a decent frittata, and will bake a chicken carbonara. Just make sure you start your meal very early.



We gave out a few early invitations to family and friends, and a few RSVPs have arrived already!  This coupled with the fact that as I type this there is only 2 months, 25 days, 5 hours, 35 minutes, and 26 seconds remaining until the wedding is giving me a full blown panic attack.


I love this man, and I would marry him tomorrow, but there is just so much work to get done in such a small time frame. He has been such a strength to me through this process designing our invitations, helping with nearly every decision, and supporting me when I flip out. He doesn’t even laugh at my lists anymore.

In the next 2 weeks we mail out invitations, and then the real work begins. I have been breaking every task into micro-tasks, so they won’t be overwhelming. I plan on leaning on my family and friends hard during this time, and we have several fun events planned in the near future. I am so thankful for each of these people!


DJ, Turn the Record Up!

My wedding planner says that I need to start making my wedding music choices today.

We have 2 lists, one is labeled “Jim, please, for the love of Zod, don’t play this at my wedding”, and the other list is empty.

Please, help me fill these lists up.

Alice’s Restaurant
Richard Marx
Boot Scootin’ Boogie
I Touch Myself
99 Problems
Freak On a Leash
Peter Frampton
Ted Nugent
Credence Clearwater Revival



Tiny Home Update

We have been making big strides the past few weeks in making our tiny house a home.



The kitchen update is coming a little at a time. We are trying to make the most of every inch of space with blackboard and cork board doors, and a peg board organizer. Try not to focus on the ugly curtains: they are temporary.



The office has usable storage, dual computers, and doubles as a walk-in closet. The WiFi was hooked up this week, and our mobile command station is nearly complete.





Ken’s sister, Kathy, and his brother-in-law, Chris, came up today to help us dig water lines, sewage lines, and bury electric and WiFi cables. I love running big machinery, but this giant chainsaw of death was scary. I’m so grateful for their help!
Tomorrow we are running the water, and just as I typed that I hear the rain tapping against the window. This will be fun… Right?